9th Annual Cobourg


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Our winners have been announced!


Cobourg, ON – The 9TH Annual Cobourg Sandcastle Festival held on Cobourg’s beautiful beach on August 2  was a huge success attracting 60 amateur teams (coming from as far as Barrie, Oakville, Brockville, Toronto and Ottawa) and 10 Master sculptors from Ontario, Quebec and Northern Michigan.  From castles, spiderman, sea shells, planes, OLAF, rhinoceros, alligators, dragons, and yes even castles the professional and amateurs wowed over 5000 visitors.


The Harry Farfan People’s Choice Award was introduced this year in honour of the late sculptor and artist, Harry Farfan.  This year’s Team winner was Team 49 for the FIFA World Cup.  The winners in each of the other categories were:




1st  Place (TIE)

Team 11 (Team Nesbitt) Sculpture: Spiderman
Team 46 Barkada Sculpture:  PLANE from Disney


2nd  Place
Team 41 – DSWAC Sculpture: Bridge


3rd  Place (TIE)

Team 7 (The Fantastic 4 +1) Sculpture: Dragon

Team 38 (Shell Game):  Sculpture: Shells





1st Place
Team 9 (Sand & Ice) Sculpture: Olaf


2nd Place (TIE)

Team 42 (Team Chubby Bub) Sculpture: Lego Man

Team 33 – JAWS Family Sculpture:  OlAF and Castle


3rd  Place (TIE)

Team 47 Team Hound dog – Sculpture: Hound Dog

Team 17 Operation Sandman Sculpture: Snowman





1st Place

Team 21 (Beach Boys) Sculpture – Dragon


2nd Place

Team 22 Igirls Sculpture: Olaf


3rd Place

Team 30 – (Sandchicks) Sculpture: Castle with Moat





1st place

CAMECO – Sculpture:  Row boat in water


2ND Place
STAR 93.3


3rd Place
Team 45 – Family Tree Sculpture (Lobster)


Congratulations to all teams as there were so many great creations.  All teams that participated left with a certificate and ribbon.  The 10th Anniversary of the Cobourg Sandcastle Festival will take place on Saturday August 1, 2015


Thanks to our sponsors:

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